Environmental Solutions

Maelstrom Oxidizer System

The Maelstrom Oxidizer System® is the most efficient and cost-effective means of in-line mechanical aeration for the transfer of oxygen into liquids. The MO’s hyper-oxidation (up to 60 times more effective than traditional surface aerators), is used to assist in the removal of metals and toxins from non-compliant water.

Industries served by the patented Maelstrom Oxidizer System

  1. Municipal Wastewater Treatment
  2. Aquaculture, Agriculture, Livestock
  3. Oil, Gas and Mining

Benefits of this innovative technology include:

  • 40%-80% savings in chemical costs
  • Reduction in retention area by up to 90%, compared to passive or non-chemical systems
  • Reduction in sludge disposal costs
  • Environmental protection and consequently, compliance with environmental regulations and avoidance of penalties